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Will EA drop Andy Gray for FIFA 12?

Disgraced pundit's digital future unclear.

Sky Sports' has made it pretty clear this week that it doesn't jive too well with sexism in professional football, giving pundit Andy Gray the boot for disparaging remarks he made regarding female match official Sian Massey.

But what of one of Gray's other paymasters, EA? Eurogamer got in touch with the publisher today to find out whether it planned to follow Sky's lead and drop the 55-year-old former Scottish international from this year's edition of its FIFA franchise, for which he has traditionally provided commentary.

A spokesperson for the publisher told us, "EA SPORTS has not made any announcements about our in-game commentators for FIFA for 2011. Those announcements will be made later this year."

The good news for Gray is that EA has some history of standing by disgraced sporting celebrities on its books. CEO John Riccitiello last year claimed it was willing to give Tiger Woods "the benefit of the doubt" following revelations about the golfer's extra-marital affairs.

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