EA to switch off FIFA 11 servers this month

Madden 11, The Sims 2 and NBA games go offline too.

World Cyber Games tourney at EG Expo

Your chance to represent the UK.

Video | EA Sports Season Ticket trailer

Download early, get discounted DLC.

Video | The best goals of FIFA 11

Dribbles, tricks, overhead kicks.

EA to switch off FIFA 11 servers this month

Madden 11, The Sims 2 and NBA games go offline too.

World Cyber Games tourney at EG Expo

Your chance to represent the UK.

Video | EA Sports Season Ticket trailer

Download early, get discounted DLC.

Video | The best goals of FIFA 11

Dribbles, tricks, overhead kicks.

Persistent EA profiles "not far away"

To span games and platforms, says Moore.

BAFTA GAME Award shortlist revealed

Vote for your top title of 2010.

Sky Sports rapped for EA Sports branding

"Irrelevant", "unnecessary" and "blatant".

Will EA drop Andy Gray for FIFA 12?

Disgraced pundit's digital future unclear.

UK charts: LittleBigPlanet 2 number one

PS3 Mass Effect 2 helps RPG into seventh.

Video | What's the world's biggest games tournament?

Interactive World Cup enters record books.

UK chart: Black Ops tastes third

FIFA 11, Just Dance muscle it out.

UK chart: FIFA 11 wraps up 2010

EA finishing as it means to go on?

Feature | Fingers on the pulse

Which games get your heart racing the most?

Are you the best FIFA player on PS3?

Prove it in new World Cup competition.

UK chart: FIFA 11 holds lead

Enslaved, Castlevania make top 10.


Wii screens.


PSP screens.

FIFA 11 biggest sports game launch ever

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team free in November.

Video | FIFA 11 - Tom vs. Wes Round 3

Brighton vs. Brentford! Titans!

Video | FIFA 11 - Tom vs. Wes Round 2

Re-enacting the World Cup Final.

Video | FIFA 11 - Tom vs. Wes Round 1

Liverpool take on Chelsea.

FIFA 11 makes over £28m in UK alone

Sells 821,000 copies. Ends world.

Review | Mobile Games Roundup

Danger! Gangstar! Crisis! FIFA! Squadron!

FIFA 11 scores UK number one

Third biggest game launch ever.

Review | FIFA 11

It ain't over until some people are on the pitch.

FIFA 11 demo out now

Facebook game unlocks Arsenal.

Video | FIFA 11's Creation Centre detailed

Create a team or player. Go Pigeons Utd!

Feature | EA Sports' Peter Moore

"People are paying $10 and enjoying Online Pass."

Video | FIFA 11: Arsenal vs Chelsea trailer

PC footage of the two giants.

EA big hitters at Eurogamer Expo

MOH! FIFA 11! Crysis 2! NFS! Dead Space 2!

Moore: EA willing to admit it's wrong

Takes "12 angry men" on the web seriously.

Video | FIFA 11 - Stamina & Fatigue

Enjoy computer players getting knackered.

Video | FIFA 11 - Be A Goalkeeper mode

Dedicated to a Mr. R Green.

Moore: No Kinect, Move, 3D for FIFA

"I don't know anybody with a 3D TV."


Screenshots from gamescom 2010.


Pre-season warm-up.

FIFA getting better stats for players

Player Performance Index to be used.

Moore avoiding Metacritic for FIFA 11

Mid-90s average "almost impossible".


Back on the PC after two years away.

Full-strength FIFA returns to PC platform

EA Sports promises parity with consoles.

EA puts final date on FIFA 11

Unveils exciting new Creation Centre.

FIFA chief unconvinced by motion control

Experiments yet to satisfy, says Rutter.

Video | FIFA 11's Personality+ system

The tech behind the new toy.

FIFA 11 developers tackle Clubs, quitters

Teamplay changes and anti-quit measures.

FIFA 11 detailed in UK lads mag

New passing system, custom chants.

No online Manager Mode in FIFA 11

But it's a "long-term" ambition.

FIFA 11 to "reinvent player authenticity"

Due out this autumn for PS3 and 360.

Feature | FIFA 11

Personality+! Pro Passing! Er, custom chants?

World Cup producer on tackling quitters

Could incentivise people for staying course.