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FIFA 11 has Street mode on Wii

EA paves the way.

EA Sports will stuff a comprehensive Street mode into the Wii version of FIFA 11.

This five-aside tangent uses a smaller pitch (indoor and outdoor) with a wall. And said wall can be used for jumping off or playing passes off.

There's an arcade game-type that features a power bar which, once filled, can unleash super-shots, bursts of speed, shockwaves, shoulder charges, "big versus little" and "more".

Street locations vary from Brazil to London to France. You'll be able to tinker with the rules a bit, too, altering match types - Tug of War, First to Score - and even how big the goals are and where they should be: mini-goals, wall goals and elevated nets are examples given.

EA has made significant changes to the main 11 versus 11 game. There's a brand new attacker versus defender trick system that quickly and easily commands rainbow flicks, 360 degree spins, scorpion kicks and other eye-catching moves. Shot controls have been mapped back to the Wiimote buttons, and there are new animations and shot types: blast, finesse, chip and tip.

User-controlled celebrations are in (including secret ones), too, and there's support for two versus two online play.

A managerial mode is also sandwiched in, and performing well will boost your team's stats whereas losing will have the opposite effect.

Teams span 30 licensed leagues, which roughly pans out to 500 teams and around 15,000 players.

FIFA 11 will be released on 1st October in Europe.

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