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Moore: No Kinect, Move, 3D for FIFA

"I don't know anybody with a 3D TV."

Gamers shouldn't expect Kinect, PlayStation Move or stereoscopic 3D in the FIFA series any time soon, EA Sports president Peter Moore has said.

Neither motion control or 3D fits with the traditional FIFA experience, Moore told Eurogamer at German trade show gamescom.

"You never say never," Moore replied when we asked if it was the case that FIFA will never support Kinect or Move.

"But if you ask me right now do they feel like there is obvious relevance of those technologies to the experience that is FIFA, I don't see it right now.

"I don't think it's a great experience. People say, 'Well why don't you just do a penalty kick?' How disruptive is that?

"It feels like a bit of a mini-game. It feels bolted on, and not quite what we think the experience should be."

Moore was even less enthusiastic about 3D gaming, which PlayStation 3 manufacturer Sony is convinced will be the next big thing.

He confirmed EA will not update FIFA 11, due out on 1st October, after launch so that it is playable in 3D.

"If 3D adds value to the gaming experience, then the teams will do it," Moore said.

"It's not inconsequential from the cost or performance issue. So there's got to be some real value. There's a cost of getting it done. There is a performance hit with frame rate. So the teams have this extra work.

"More importantly for me is as both a sports fan and a sports gamer, it's got to add some value other than gimmickry.

"Quite frankly, I've seen Madden in 3D using our regular game, and there are some cool moments when the camera comes down into the huddle and when the players are standing around, where you've got depth of field.

"But once you pull back to the normal camera – and FIFA's no different – 3D doesn't help you because the camera is so far away. You lose that depth of field. So, it's got to add value.

"We're looking at it. Sports is not that easy. You've got to see the field to play it properly. It's not just washing over you like a movie.

"It's just cool. Is cool good enough in our world where this is not an inconsiderable expense, and in a world where you expect us to deliver FIFA every single year? Do I have to hire more people to do 3D, and then can I sell more copies of the game?

"3D came a little too late to impact this year. But there's also got to be an installed base of televisions to make it worthwhile. I don't know anybody with a 3D TV. That says it all. And how much 3D broadcasting is there right now?"


Martin Korda saw FIFA 11 for Eurogamer in July.

Yesterday EA announced that you can play as the goalkeeper in 11 versus 11 mode. We'll check it out here at gamescom in a bit.