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Deus Ex: Fan Service

Fact after fact straight from the cyber-horse's augmented mouth.

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Eurogamer was given unparalleled access to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It was one of the most open and interesting days of our young lives. For a Deus Ex fan the sheer amount of information to garner was exhausting, but we did our utmost.

Contained below are all the vital nuggets of fan-pleasing (or angering, potentially) information that we thought were too precious to abandon on a lonely wave file on our dictaphone. We did forget to ask how traditional lockpicking was going to work though. Sorry about that one.

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Steve Szczepkowski, Lead Audio Designer

On whether the Deus Ex menu music is coming back...

"To be decided. It's still in discussions. I can say that there probably are a few spots in the game where you might hear an NPC whistle it. There's a very subjective argument that goes back and forth. Some people say it's awesome, some people are like: 'Errr? It's a little dated.'

In Detroit crazy new architectural wonders rub shoulders with the existing dull and dowdy skyscrapers.

"I don't want you to feel that you need to defend it, because I do like the theme, but I can tell you that there's at least one guy on my team that's saying, 'No!' I think it works perfectly for the year 2000. I don't know if it lends itself to our game. I'd be surprised if it doesn't worm its way in somewhere though."

On whether cameos of characters from previous games will have the same voice actors...

"If I can get them. Definitely. For me keeping continuity is very important. It costs me a bit of extra effort, but to get that smile across your face isn't that worth it? I'm in the smile business. [Lengthy pause] Okay. I don't want to say there's tons: there's not and I can tell you that right now. But there are some cool interesting things, and we did manage to get the real actors. Which I thought was important."

On the hero, Adam Jensen, having a voice that sounds a bit like Christian Bale's Batman... (But nowhere near as bad.)

"I think we cast and started before Batman even came out, which was interesting. But I think you'll see he has a bit more dynamic range than Batman has. It's important that the character feels a bit like he's part of the JC Denton family.

"Anyone who's played the original game knows the voice is an important part of it - and maybe even in cyberpunk across the board. For instance, think of the Matrix and the way everyone speaks in a 'Yes Ma'am' 'Just the facts Ma'am' way. There's no emotion."