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Force Unleashed II CE detailed

Cute 2GB USB drive, in-game stuff.

LucasArts has unveiled its Collector's Edition for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, which is due out for multiple formats on 26th October.

The CE comes in one of those SteelBook case thingies, and includes a MIMOBOT 2GB USB flash drive in the shape of... whoever that guy is below.

On the flash drive will be a digital artbook, game script by Haden Blackman and themed wallpapers.

The CE also provides bonus in-game goodies: three challenge mode levels, a Ralph McQuarrie concept "Deak Starkiller" skin (no idea) and a lightsaber crystal (ditto).

Check it out in the image below and look out for detailed impressions of the game during the E3 rush next week.