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Star Wars: Identities is not a video game

LucasArts confirms.

Whatever Star Wars: Identities turns out to be, Eurogamer can tell you this - it's definitely not a video game.

"I can't comment on rumours or speculation," a LucasArts spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"However, I can confirm that this is not a video game."

Lucasfilm was spotted registering website domains for Star Wars: Identities this week.

With video games ruled out, speculation will turn to films or animated television shows.

Identities may not be the name of a Star Wars video game, then, but we know LucasArts to be at work on one. A LucasArts job posting for an openworld RPG project betrayed this earlier in the year.

LucasArts' last internally-built Star Wars game was The Force Unleashed 2, which fell flat. But the studio has since promised to do better.

Eurogamer play 15 minutes of The Force Unleashed 2.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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