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Dunaway: E3 too loud for Vitality Sensor

Not right for a product about "relaxing".

Nintendo of America vice-boss Cammie Dunaway has reassured Wii owners that the Vitality Sensor exists, but E3 2010 wasn't the right place to show it.

(Nintendo's other invention, the 3DS, was Eurogamer's hardware-pick of the show.)

"We're continuing to work on the Vitality Sensor," Dunaway told Gamasutra. "As we thought about what we wanted to bring to E3, we realised we had a really packed agenda.

"We also thought about the atmosphere at E3 which is noisy and adrenaline-filled, and loud and stressful, and it just didn't seem like the best environment to introduce a product that's really about relaxing, so we decided we'd think about other venues that would be more appropriate."

Satoru Iwata unveiled the strange device at E3 last year. The Wii Vitality Sensor houses the tip of a forefinger and measures pulse and other biometric data.

Reggie Fils-Aime spoke of the device as the next balance board. He admitted it may seem strange, but said Nintendo developers will do the convincing with tasty game experiences.