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Nintendo shows Mario Sports Mix

Mario and friends play volleyball etc.

Nintendo has announced a new Mario sports game for release in 2011 on Wii.

Mario Sports Mix was shown off at Nintendo's E3 press conference and saw Mario and his usual friends (Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Peach, Luigi, etc) playing various sports in shiny arenas.

The game consists of four sports - volleyball, basketball, ice hockey and dodgeball. "While the basic rules of the games apply, each one includes some magical Mario twists like coins and special items that ramp up the craziness and fun," apparently.

You'll be able to use koopa shells against your items, and each character will have a signature move - e.g. Mario's fireball or Princess Peach's heart-filled attacks. Power-ups will include things like a Mini Mushroom to shrink the volleyball before it crosses the net.

Levels include DK Dock, where the volleyball court slides from left to right, and Bowser Jr. Blvd, a basketball court with bonus circles that appear offering positive and negative bonuses.

As you might image, it's got support for 1-4 players, but as you might not have imagined, the game's actually being developed by Square Enix. Check out the launch trailer below.

Mario Sports Mix is out next year.