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Iwata: 3DS is not the "formal name"

Investor chat reveals 3D can be turned off.

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Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said that 3DS is not the "formal name" for the new handheld.

An andriasang-translated transcript of a recent investor briefing had Iwata promise that a name revelation "will not be too far off".

The same Q&A session unearthed that the 3D "special feature" of the 3DS can be turned off, as we reported at the weekend.

"By making it so that the player can at all times play with [the 3D feature] off, we believe we can comply with those who have difficulty with the 3D view or those who are worried about their child's eyes," Iwata said.

The 3DS will be present at E3 next month and is expected to be Nintendo's main attraction.

As for a Wii successor, Iwata gave a well-rehearsed and oft-heard line: "We are in no way thinking the Wii is near the end of its platform cycle so we will limit our investments."

Nintendo announced the 3DS at the end of March. Ahead of its E3 reveal, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry Blog investigated what technology the new handheld is likely to use.

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