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Snoopy Flying Ace on XBLA tomorrow

Cartoon online dogfights for 16 people.

Microsoft has readied Snoopy Flying Ace as tomorrow's Xbox Live Arcade offering.

This dogfighter (oho!) is fast and simple and cartoony. Two players can fly together to put an end to the evil Red Baron's desires, either on the same console or online.

Better, up to 16 people can take to the skies in online free-for-alls, choosing either a pilot from the Snoopy canon or their own Xbox Live Avatar.

Aeroplanes can be customised too - tweaked with weird weaponry too wacky for real life.

Snoopy Flying Ace costs 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80/€9.60).

There are a couple of pictures and a few more details on the website.

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