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ShopTo to cut cost of DSi by £15

GAME also set to announce "new pricing".

Following the drop in the trade price of the Nintendo DSi, UK retailer ShopTo has plans to cut the cost price to consumers by £15.

The handheld currently costs £149.99 on ShopTo, but the retailer plans to reduce that shortly.

"I can't disclose our official trade price as I will go against our supplier contract, but I can tell you that our cost price will be dropped by around £15.00," ShopTo's Igor Cipolletta revealed. "Therefore, we will be able to drop the RRP to £129.99 or less."

Nintendo announced a drop in the DSi trade price earlier this week, although exact numbers were not announced. The new cost comes into effect on 18th June. Specific pricing, however, will be determined by individual retailers.

UK mega-chain GAME wouldn't comment directly on how much it will be selling DS units for come 18th June, but did say there are plans for change.

"Price cuts from the manufacturers are always good news, and our customers will welcome the announcement from Nintendo," said Neil Ashurst, head of UK PR. "We will announce our new pricing in due course.

"There are already some great deals in our stores and online on the DS range and we have a lot more planned in the summer months."