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Atelier PS3 debut slated for Sept

Rorona prepares to go West.

NIS America has announced that the first Atelier game created for PlayStation 3 - Atelier Rorona - will be released here in September.

That's a US date, but the region-free nature of the console means that shouldn't matter.

Atelier Rorona tells the story of a girl called Rorona. She works in an alchemy shop run by a lazy lady named Astrid. Rorona and Astrid are landed in the muck when a messenger from the ruling kingdom turns up and demands that all their assignments in the next three years must be met or the shop closed down.

A video shows pretty, minimally-animated cut-scenes as well as free-roaming exploration. Battle gameplay isn't shown, but various characters twirl and spin for the camera, presumably demonstrating their special powers.

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Atelier Rorona


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