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MW2 Resurgence Pack gets PC/PS3 date

Early July for belated ports.

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Infinity Ward has announced that Modern Warfare 2's Resurgence Pack will launch for PC and PlayStation 3 on 6th July in the US, with the European PS3 version hitting on 7th July.

Community man Robert Bowling also tweeted that the launches would be accompanied by a double-experience event.

Based on the Xbox Live pricing, the Resurgence Pack is likely to cost the same as its predecessor - $14.99 - when it launches for PC and PS3.

It consists of five multiplayer maps - remakes of Call of Duty 4 maps Strike and Vacant, and three new efforts called Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel.

Like the Stimulus Package expansion released earlier this year, the Resurgence Pack was exclusive to Xbox Live for 30 days.

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