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Perry: Gaikai could host E3 demos

He's got "cool stuff" to show there.

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Dave Perry reckons cloud gaming service Gaikai is perfect for publishers to host global E3 demos on because code could be snuggled up safely at Gaikai HQ

Perry presented this picture to an audience at the LA Games Conference (watched by Joystiq). Gaikai may not be ready to do this for June's E3 extravaganza, but Perry promised he had some "cool stuff" to show.

When Gaikai does launch, perhaps in 2010, the service will be spread over roughly 300 servers. Even with that number, Perry expects "much more traffic than the servers can handle", but only people within a 5-to-10ms range of the host machines will be given access.

Nevertheless, people further afield won't be wasting their time by trying to connect. Gaikai will log all connection attempts and their location; data that Perry and his team can use to decide where to put a cluster of servers next.

This demand-first, service-later idea has long been part of the plan. Catch up with our Gaikai interview to find out more.

Sign up for the Gaikai beta on the official website.

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