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Devil's Third slated for 2012

Could be earlier or later, though.

Bad news for those eagerly awaiting fast-paced actioner Devil's Third - the game might not be here for another two years yet.

That's according to a slide presented during a recent THQ investors' call, as spotted by Joystiq. Looks like Devil's Third is down for a 2012 release, some time after Darksiders 2 hits the shops.

This backs up recent comments by THQ boss Danny Bilson, who told Eurogamer the game is due to arrive "roughly two years from now". The brains behind Devil's Third, legendary developer Tomonobu Itagaki, reckons it's about 10 per cent finished so far.

"One thing about the way we develop here at THQ now is that we don't ship it until it's unbelievably awesome," Bilson said. "So when I say two years, it could be shorter, it could be longer, but it really is dictated by game quality, and when Itagaki-san and our team shake hands and say we're ready to go. That's when we go."

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