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Valhalla plans to launch Devil's Third on digital devices

"We will continue to do our best to fulfil your expectations."

Valhalla plans to launch Devil's Third on a "wide variety" of digital devices as well as home consoles and PC, it's announced.

The news comes following the full transfer of copyright and sales and distribution rights for the game to the Japanese developer from US publisher THQ.

"To all our fans and members of the industry, we greatly appreciate your support," Valhalla CEO Satoshi Kanematsu wrote in a message on the developer's website.

"Valhalla Game Studios would like to announce that after negotiations with THQ Inc, and with their generous cooperation, both parties have reached an agreement whereupon all rights related to the Devil's Third project, including development and distribution rights, have been transferred in full from THQ to Valhalla Game Studios."

Kanematsu confirmed plans to expand the Devil's Third universe with manga, novels, animation and film "to create a blockbuster franchise".

"We will continue to do our best to fulfil your expectations, and we sincerely hope for your continued encouragement and support," Kanematsu said.

First things first, Valhalla, founded by former Team Ninja boss Tomonobu Itagaki, needs a new publisher for Devil's Third the video game, which is in limbo following THQ's high-profile financial woes.

Valhalla has been working on Devil's Third since roughly 2009. The game was formally revealed in 2010. But there have been development problems - chiefly, the middleware team supplying Devil's Third engine going out of business, which forced a costly tech-switch.

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