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Namco announces Pac-Man Party for Wii

Mini-game compilation out this autumn.

Namco Bandai has announced Pac-Man Party for Wii.

Due out this autumn in Europe, Pac-Man Party is a family-orientated mini-game compilation with a board game theme.

Action is split into several modes. Story mode is about exploring the board and taking on mini-games on your own, meeting characters on the way. Party mode brings four players together on the same board to compete for points, with a Monopoly-style property development aspect to it.

Mini-Game mode, meanwhile, lets you dive into specific games - like rolling a snowball at people on a mountaintop - rather than encountering them in Story or Party mode.

Finally, Classic mode allows you to tackle the original eighties Pac-Man - and two of his Namco neighbours, Galaga and Dig-Dug.

Check out the E3 trailer below.