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FarmVille arrives on the iPhone

Now there really is no escape.

Zynga has released an iPad and iPhone version of blockbuster Facebook game FarmVille.

It's now available for free in the App Store. The App allows those who already have an account to manage their farm on the move, and newcomers to start one from scratch.

As you'd expect, harvesting, plowing and so on is done by tapping the touch screen. You can also visit and tend to neighbours' farms as usual. However, some items can only be accessed from within the web game, while others are exclusive to the App.

With the day successfully over, Ruth suggests Pip can get on with her biodiversity project tomorrow. Pip's got other ideas. She's keen to make some extra cash so will be weeding carrots at Bridge Farm.

Read our recent feature to find out why you should probably steer clear unless you want to end up like some sort of FarmVille Zammo.

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