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Konami reveals Rebellion's NeverDead

Also: Otomedius! Lucha Libre! Glee!

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Konami used its E3 press conference to reveal a new action game for PS3 and 360 called NeverDead.

It's being developed by Oxford's Rebellion Studios, but produced and designed by Shinta Nijori from Konami Japan.

It's a third-person fantasy-horror action game set in a city. The twist is that the lead character, a wisecracking, grizzled biker type, can have his limbs and head chopped off and survive. He just runs around and picks them up again.

Konami also announced the first ever Otomedius game for the West. Otomedius Excellent will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 this winter.

The shmup has cute manga heroines and apparently combines the hardcore action of Gradius with Parodius' tongue-in cheek style. It will have a "slamming Konami soundtrack" and support four players over Xbox Live or on the same console. There'll be lots of DLC support, too.

Other presentations at the Konami conference included a Mexican wreslting game, Lucha Libre: Heroes del Ring. Three masked wrestlers had a weigh-in on stage ahead of a match at E3 that will decide the game's cover star.

Def Jam record label founder Russell Simmons turned up to big up Def Jam: Rapstar. "I was just talking to a sales guy and he told me he's ordered a million mikes. I don't know if that's a big number, but s**t! We're going to market the s**t out of it," he said.

Also, an actual high school show choir appeared at the press conference to sing Queen's Somebody to Love to celebrate Konami's new Glee version of Karaoke Revolution. The game has video footage from the hit TV show and official Glee soundtrack recordings.

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