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More Transformers games coming?

Perhaps a Twisted Metal-style one.

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High Moon Studios is in talks with Activision to produce further games in the Transformers series.

That's according to developers Matt Tieger and Aaron Archer, speaking during a BotCon Q&A session (as attended by They're responsible for recent PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 release Transformers: War for Cybertron.

"We are talking with Activision about the future," Archer said. "Please buy the game to support it."

Archer went on to say he'd like to see a Transformers racing game in the Twisted Metal style. "My job is to listen to fans, Hasbro, gamers about what people want," he said. "I filter by what's achieveable and what makes sense for story. I can't say yes or no but as we move forward, we will put what's right for the game in the game."

Tieger added, "We have a great relationship right now, with mutual respect. It's a relationship that I think will continue for quite a while."

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