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PlayStation Move priced and dated

Out in September, 16 launch titles.

Sony has announced that PlayStation Move will go on sale in Europe on 15th September.

As announced at E3, the PS3 motion controller will be sold in a bundle that includes one Move, one PlayStation Eye and a starter disc - and that bundle will cost €59.99.

Move will also be sold separately for €39.99, while the Navigation Controller (originally called the Sub-Controller) will cost €29.99.

The PlayStation Eye itself will cost €29.99.

PlayStation Move will be flanked at launch by 16 titles, with 40 more due to hit in the Christmas period.

First-party Move titles include Sorcery, SingStar Dance, Heroes on the Move (working title), SOCOM 4, Heavy Rain Move Edition, echochrome ii, EyePet, Sports Champions, Tumble and Beat, while third parties are offering up Resident Evil: Gold Edition, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Toy Story 3 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

There will also be two other accessories at launch - the shooting attachment and charging station. The former allows you to hold Move horizontally like a gun and will cost €14.99, while the latter is what it sounds like and costs €29.99.

Sony made the announcement at its E3 press conference in Los Angeles today.