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Activision GoldenEye game in November

Wii and DS versions, E3 reveal likely.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer has learned that Activision is working on a James Bond: GoldenEye title for Wii and DS that should be released this November.

The new title may be a remake of the classic Nintendo 64 first-person shooter, originally developed by Rare, and according to our source the publisher intends to unveil it at E3.

Development duties have been split between UK-based Eurocom and US-based n-Space.

Eurocom has previously worked on James Bond titles during the franchise's time at E3, including the N64 title The World Is Not Enough.

Activision has been widely tipped to make a new GoldenEye game after it was spotted registering domain names derived from the name of the 1995 film. The original game is considered the best of a (mostly bad) Bond bunch.

Earlier this week it was spotted surveying gamers about a possible remake.

The Wii/DS GoldenEye title should not be confused with the Bizarre Creations game, thought to be called James Bond: Bloodstone, which is expected to focus on the driving side of the spy's skill-set.

We spoke to Activision but nobody was in a position to comment.

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