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No Respawn announcement at E3

Facebook post was a fake.

Respawn Entertainment isn't planning to announce anything at E3 after all, according to publishing partner Electronic Arts.

IGN, MTV and others have been told that yesterday's supposed Facebook update by Vince Zampella and Jason West is a fake.

"Big time announcement at E3 next week. Stay tuned, kiddies!" the post read, before it was duly parroted by everyone and their dog (and us).

All we know about Respawn's project so far is that West and Zampella want it to be a "big summer blockbuster", as they put it when we spoke to them after they signed with EA.

That was on 12th April, when they said: "Right now it's our first day, the studio's one day old, we're focused on getting the studio up and running, finding office space, getting one team set before we think of anything past that."

So yeah, er, kind of unlikely anything would be ready for E3. After all, they've been busy hoovering up developers who coincidentally chose to leave the duo's former studio Infinity Ward very soon after we spoke to them.