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FIFA 11 detailed in UK lads mag

New passing system, custom chants.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The latest issue of UK lads mag Zoo has revealed details of FIFA 11.

According to the mag, new systems include Pro Passing, which makes it harder to perform ping-pong exchanges up to the halfway line, and a new emphasis on players' individual attributes.

These should be more evident during regular play all over the pitch, rather than just in obvious areas like speed and acceleration, and new body types will make it easier to distinguish players at a distance.

Other new tricks include swerve passes, driven and backspin lofted through balls, and refined goalkeepers.

It will also be possible to customise your team's chants and intro music.

Look out for a massive FIFA 11 "blowout" tomorrow on Eurogamer based on our experience with the game, which should be out this autumn, and our discussions with developer EA Canada.

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