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Yamauchi: GT5 3D finished for two years

Move now the sole reason for delays?

Sony might be banging the 3D drum now, but Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that Gran Turismo 5 supported 3D two years ago.

"The 3D feature was almost complete two years ago, actually," Yamauchi told the US PlayStation blog. "We could see that it was in that natural flow of technology and where things were heading."

"Discussions with Sony regarding 3D technology began more than three years ago. More recently we have spoken with Evolution Studios, who have put a lot of work into stereoscopic 3D, about things like video formats.

"Because Gran Turismo 5 is built to run at 60 frames per second," he added, "it was easy for us to implement 3D. It's quite difficult to convert a game that runs at 30 frames per second to 3D.”

3D was reported to be one of the features causing the delay to Gran Turismo 5's public release; PlayStation Move was the other. Sony, however, has maintained that Polyphony's perfectionism was the reason the game missed its March 2010 Japan release.

Gran Turismo 5 now finally has a solid 2nd November release date for North America.