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Molyneux fancies Kinect Black & White

Not sure he'll have time, though.

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Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has said that he loves the idea of a version of his PC god game Black & White for Xbox 360 motion controller Kinect, but it's unlikely he'll have time.

The two Black & White games featured a gesture interface that allowed you to cast spells, interact with your giant creature and manage your worshippers' settlements, so the series is an obvious fit for Microsoft's camera device, he reasoned.

"The original Black & White - with the hand, reaching in and touching and stroking, you can really factor that with Kinect, and it could be really super cool," Molyneux mused to UGO (thanks, VG247).

"It's purely me just thinking about it, and thinking about what Black & White means. I love the idea of that connection the hand gave you into the world, the feeling of power, the feeling of nuturing."

But although he said "maybe it is something I should revisit," Molyneux confessed that there was too much on his plate to entertain the idea right now.

"The trouble with being a designer now is that there are way too many ideas than there is time to develop those ideas," he said.

"I would love to do something like a Black & White again. I would love to do a Fable 4. I would love to carry on doing Milo, but there is only a certain amount of resources and a certain amount of time."

Back in reality, we got a good look at Fable III during E3 week - expect a full preview soon.

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