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Power Gig gets drum-less drumkit

Sensors measure your stick-thrashing.

Seven45 Studios has announced that its upcoming rhythm-action title Power Gig: Rise of the SixString will feature a drum-less drumkit peripheral.

The AirStrike Drum Controller uses a wireless sensor that sits on the floor to pick up your drumming actions, and can tell whether you're using your left or right hand at any given time, too.

"We know that people may be sceptical of the AirStrike drums at first glance when they see there's no actual drums and can't understand how that's a match to our SixString guitar which is a fully-functioning electric guitar," Seven45 CEO Bernard Chiu acknowledged.

"But we also know that as soon as people sit down to play it, they are going to see how much more real and authentic it feels to be moving much the same way true drummers do when they play, without the limits of the drum kits already on the market. Just like our guitars, the AirStrike drums are a step forward for authenticity in the band game genre."

It also has a secondary pedal used to trigger "mojo" according to Destructoid's preview.

Seven45's guitar peripherals have six actual strings that you strum while placing your fingers on coloured parts of the fretboard that correspond to the patterns requested by the game.

Power Gig has signed up songs from Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band, Kid Rock, Jet and The Donnas. The game's due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 in October.