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Sly Collection detailed, out in autumn

HD, 3D bits, PS Move mini-games.

Phew! After the downpour of news, videos and screenshots last night, it's time to root around in the puddles of leftovers and see what we missed. One thing is a bit more info on The Sly Collection.

Due out this autumn, The Sly Collection brings the three PS2 Sly Raccoon/Sly Cooper games together on one Blu-ray disc for PS3 and, like the God of War Collection, updates the visuals so they are HD.

On top of that though, it also expands on the flimsy 3D effects in Sly 3 so they are proper and in-keeping with Sony's new attachment to the stereoscopic format, and there's the promise of PlayStation Move mini-games too.

The original Sly releases were developed by Sucker Punch, which has gone on to do inFamous and its new sequel for PS3, but the Sly Collection is being remastered, if you like, by Sanzaru Games, whose past credits include Ninja Reflex and the PS2 version of Secret Agent Clank.

Plus of course the game will feature Trophies and other PS3 mainstays.

We were big fans of the Sly Raccoon games when they first came out. In fact, Kristan gave them 8/10, 8/10 and 8/10. Four thumbs up! Check out footage below.

The Thievius Raccoonus!

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The Sly Trilogy

PS3, PlayStation Vita

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