The Sly Trilogy


The Sly Trilogy

Hanginí with Mr Cooper.

VideoSly Collection's hidden Sly 4 teaser

If you go beat the game today...

VideoThe Sly Trilogy trailer

Trio of games coming in HD and 3D.

VideoThe Sly Collection trailer

Racooning up the points.

Key events

Sly Trilogy and God of War Collection Vita release dates announced

Sony has announced release dates for two Vita collections.

The Sly Trilogy, which bundles together PlayStation 2 games Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus,†Sly 2: Band of Thieves†and†Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves remastered in HD and optimised for Vita, launches in Europe on 16th April.

The God of War Collection, which bundles the original God of War and God of War 2 with remastered visuals, trophy support and touchscreen and dual analogue controls, launches on 8th May.

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Sony confirms Journey goes live for EU PS Plus subscribers a week early

Sony has confirmed that European PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to play enchanting downloadable adventure Journey a week before everyone else - just like their US gaming cousins.

They'll also get a free Plus-exclusive Dynamic Theme.

Trine 2 finally launches on the European PS Store this week months after it went live on the US PS Store. To apologise, Sony and publisher Atlus have arranged a 30 per cent discount for the first two weeks after release.

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The Sly Trilogy coming to PSN

HD platformers available individually, or as one.

Last year's touched-up The Sly Trilogy is on its way to PlayStation Network, developer Sanzaru Games has announced.

The Sly Trilogy

The Sly Trilogy

Hanginí with Mr Cooper.

What's that feeling that sets in after playing through this compilation of last-gen platformers? Worryingly, it's a feeling of freshness; The Sly Trilogy may take you back to a world that existed long before we had DLC, co-op campaigns and the endless grind of persistent XP ladders, but its range of stealthy pleasures often seem clear-headed and full of simple delights in comparison. The Sly Cooper games saw Sucker Punch at its witty and colourful best, sending a chummy gang of cartoon animals on a string of heists that stretched from Paris to Cairo and on to mysterious islands in the middle of rain-lashed oceans. It's good to finally have all that adventure in one place.

A warning, though: it can be bizarre to play Sly Cooper for the first time if your introduction to Sucker Punch was inFamous. While the PS3 open-worlder remains a stoically satisfactory comic-book caper and there's plenty of shared DNA to be found in the slick rooftop-hopping, the Sly games are often sharper in their execution, and more elegant in their staging. Even before being spruced up for HD televisions, the series' fondness for bold cartoon lines and colourful, sagging cityscapes was more stylish and personable than the soupy dereliction of Empire City, and its characters remain far more likeable and interesting than the biff-faced Cole and that moronic friend of his with the sunglasses.

Actually, the ambience of Sly Cooper can be hard to pin down precisely. At times, the games come on like Looney Tunes at its slapstick best, while elsewhere playing them is like finding yourself in a Pink Panther flick, without the unpleasant business of discovering that Peter Sellers is a gaping shell of a man when the cameras aren't rolling. (I know this because I saw a film about him once.) Very occasionally, when the slinky, strings-heavy soundtrack clicks together just so with the game's nocturnal preoccupations, the whole thing comes close to exhibiting the poised class of an old Bogart movie. Not bad, considering you're playing as a talking raccoon who's best friends with a turtle.

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Sly Cooper 4 teased

Video found in The Sly Trilogy.

A fourth game in the Sly Cooper series looks likely after a teaser video for the unannounced game was discovered in The Sly Trilogy.

Sly Collection detailed, out in autumn

HD, 3D bits, PS Move mini-games.

Phew! After the downpour of news, videos and screenshots last night, it's time to root around in the puddles of leftovers and see what we missed. One thing is a bit more info on The Sly Collection.

Sly Cooper Collection sighted at E3

PS2 games brought under PS3 roof?

Sony is set to bring a Sly Cooper Collection bundle to PlayStation 3, according to fuzzy leaked photos of the not-so-heavily guarded E3 show floor.