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Sly Cooper Collection sighted at E3

PS2 games brought under PS3 roof?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony is set to bring a Sly Cooper Collection bundle to PlayStation 3, according to fuzzy leaked photos of the not-so-heavily guarded E3 show floor.

E3 itself kicks off on Tuesday US time, but 1UP was fortunate enough to get close with a camera and record a sighting of "Sly Cooper Collection", which also touted 3D support, on the unopened Sony booth.

The site posted the image and then pulled it, but not before Joystiq and others took note.

It seems highly likely that a Sly Cooper Collection would follow a similar pattern to Sony's existing and amazing God of War Collection, which brought together God of War 1 and 2 ahead of the third game's PS3 release and updated the visuals.

Sly Cooper - called Sly Raccoon in Europe - saw three releases on PlayStation 2, and they were jolly good too. The first Sly could arguably be credited with introducing the on-rails style of platforming moves that became so prevalent in parkour games of the current generation.

The second was also very good, as was the third - and the third used a very rudimentary pair of paper 3D specs to create a pseudo-3D effect - although nothing quite so elaborate as Sony has concocted for its stereoscopic-3D-equipped PS3.

Sony's E3 press conference is at 12pm PST / 8pm BST today, and we'll be bringing your our trademark live coverage.

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