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No online Manager Mode in FIFA 11

But it's a "long-term" ambition.

FIFA 11 lead producer David Rutter has told Eurogamer that EA Sports does not intend to introduce an online Manager Mode this year but it's possible one day.

"If I'm brutally honest, no," Rutter told us while we were previewing FIFA 11. "Long-term ambition, it would be brilliant."

Rutter said that he was cautious about taking the mode, which he said is most popular among FIFA players, online until he was sure it would be at its best.

"I've seen a number of ways of doing it start and fail," he explained.

"Until I'm utterly convinced there's a way of providing the massive user-base of Manager Mode players with a compelling mechanic that will work, I would be very reluctant to go to market with something I'm not 100 per cent convinced with, because I think this is something you can only do once."

EA's great football rivals Konami have already committed to including an online version of the Master League in this year's Pro Evolution Soccer, which we got to play recently.

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