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Moore: No word on new SSX

Would need to "make it relevant".

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has told Eurogamer that there are no current plans to resurrect the SSX series of snowboarding games.

Moore was speaking to Eurogamer at E3 in a wide-ranging and slightly bonkers interview that also touched upon Andrew Wilson's golf skills at the Sony conference, Kirby's Epic Yarn and one of our readers' use of the word "milk".

"SSX is a fabulous piece of intellectual property. You never say never, but there's nothing to say right now," Moore told Eurogamer.

When asked what kind of approach EA might take were the publisher to look at restoring the series, which debuted on PlayStation 2, Moore indicated that it would not be enough simply to approach it with the same ideas in mind.

"Well, everybody talks about Tricky," he said. "I think we'd have to look at how you bring back SSX's snowboarding mechanic and make it relevant.

"It's been a number of years, some people may not even have played an SSX game. You've got to look at the current marketplace and Shaun White coming back again."

EA Sports' last SSX title was the disappointing SSX Blur on Wii.

Check out our recent SSX 3 retrospective if you fancy taking a look back at one of the series' brighter moments.

Meanwhile, you can check out the full Peter Moore interview elsewhere on the site.

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