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Spector "blown away" by Nintendo 3DS

3D "righter than anyone else. Ever. By far."

Deus Ex and Epic Mickey mastermind Warren Spector has been blogging about E3, and in his latest update, he delivers a frothing love letter to the Nintendo 3DS, declaring himself "blown away".

"Nintendo got 3D right - righter than anyone else. Ever. By far," Spector wrote.

He first points to the fact the machine doesn't require glasses, the lack of image degradation comapred to 2D displays and the way the user can adjust the 3D effect themselves, before going on to praise the machine's packed feature set.

"As each new 3DS feature was described, my jaw got closer and closer to the ground... I swear if they'd said it was a phone, too, I would have dashed back onto the stage and snatched the prototype and run like the wind! I half expected to hear it would tuck me in at night!"

The veteran designer loved the line-up of content, too. "Every title – movie or game – was a hardware-selling brand, each one looked cool and each was genuinely enhanced in some way by the 3D effect." And the effect itself? "The 3D effect is basically perfect. I mean PERFECT."

Spector said the machine changed his mind about 3D altogether - he'd thought it was a fad, but 3DS has convinced him it's here to stay. He was also excited about the possibilities for game development.

"As a consumer, I'm in. Sign me up. Price no object (or not much of one). As a game developer, well, sign me up for that, too… I mean, how could anyone NOT want to play with this tech?

"I've been hoping something like this would come along since Origin and Looking Glass supported VR headsets in Wings of Glory and System Shock back in the mid-nineties, but I never actually believed it would happen. Well, it's happened. The Nintendo 3DS changed everything for me.

"The 3DS was - dare I say it? - almost Disney-like in the magical feeling it evoked in me and I suspect you’ll have a similar reaction when you get your hands on it."

Strong words indeed. We don't really disagree. Check out my own dizzy report, Digital Foundry's more considered but no less enthusiastic analysis, and EGTV's glowing review.

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