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New consoles in 3 years, reckons Reeves

Plus: Kinect E3 event "fell a little short".

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The artist formerly known as the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has predicted that new consoles could appear on the market in just a few years.

David Reeves, who is now chief operating office of Capcom, made the comments during an E3 interview with When asked when he expects to see more machines arriving he replied, "Two to three years, I reckon... All the first-parties have got to be working on something."

Reeves also predicted controller changes beyond what has already been shown. "I honestly think in two or three years' time we're going to see much more of a breakthrough in terms of the way we control games. Much more than Kinect or Move are offering," he said.

"A lot of people are working on that type of thing in Scandinavia, Japan and the US. How to control games in a much more accurate way. I know from working on Move, which started four or five years ago, when we had a big box in a room to get the whole thing working. It's come down to something much smaller now."

Now that he's no longer with Sony Reeves is allowed to attend Microsoft events, like the Kinect showcase starring Cirque de Soleil acrobats which took place during E3. However, he wasn't too impressed.

"Only when Star Wars came up and the dancing game were there cheers," Reeves said. "It fell a little bit short, to be honest."

Read the full interview to hear Reeves describe Capcom as being like an armadillo and EA being like seven year-old boys playing soccer and all running after the ball. Good to see Sony let him keep his favourite similes.

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