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APB Key to the City event delayed

Now begins on Saturday.

Realtime Worlds boss Dave Jones has said that the start of the Key to the City beta event for APB - showcasing much of the game ahead of its launch 2nd July release - has been delayed until Saturday morning.

Key to the City will allow players who receive beta codes - of which we're going to have loads to give away on Eurogamer.net, by the way - unlimited access to the game's social districts and five hours within the action districts.

"Realtime Worlds would like to announce that, due to a number of issues, we will be delaying the launch of the Key to the City event by 48 hours," Jones said today.

"We've worked tirelessly to bring the service online, installing and configuring a massive amount of new hardware in our data-centres, to help meet the high demand and bring you the best experience we can.

"As we're sure you'll appreciate, this is a huge undertaking and unfortunately on this occasion, we've hit a number of installation delays."

Key to the City will now begin at 9am BST on Saturday 12th June in Europe and 9am EDT on the same day in the States.

In the meantime, why not check out our most recent APB hands-on preview for details on what to expect?

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