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Watch: Is this the worst game on Xbox One?

GT 'ey?

So, just to clear things up, and flying against Betteridge's law of headlines, the answer is yes. I have played APB Reloaded on Xbox One, and while I can't claim to have tried out everything else on the console I can say with some confidence this is as bad as it gets on Microsoft's machine, for now at least.

Should that come as a surprise? Not really, given how APB - the once hugely anticipated MMO from Dave Jones, one of the creators of Grand Theft Auto, and Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds - has always had a rough ride. When it launched on PC in 2010 it was kind of underwhelming, and Realtime Worlds closed its doors mere months after the launch. When it was resurrected as APB Reloaded in 2012, things weren't that much better, but it wasn't a total disaster.

And now we have this.

APB Reloaded on Xbox One is an atrocious port of an already pretty underwhelming game. The camera lurches drunkenly, basic options are completely absent and it looks like a very mucky bum. Its premise of a cops and robbers MMO doesn't feel so exciting anymore, either, in light of what's been done with Grand Theft Auto in recent years. What you're getting here, instead, feels like a poundland GTA Online. Still, it's free-to-play!

Ian Higton managed to stomach a fair bit more than I was able to, and he's charted his endeavours in the video below. Be warned! He does get a bit sweary. But then, wouldn't you?

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APB Reloaded

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