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APB Reloaded to get full retail release?

UPDATE: Developer refutes report.

UPDATE: Developer GamersFirst has issued a statement to Eurogamer refuting the Gamespot report.

While not ruling out a boxed launch for the game, it is yet to settle on a retail partner.

"Given that APB Reloaded has been the most talked about online game this summer and its unprecedented growth in open beta players, it has become very attractive to large institutions in the game distribution business," said senior marketing VP Rahul Sandil.

"In just six weeks of open beta the game has attracted over 600,000 users and over a quarter million fans on the game’s fan page on Facebook. As a result of this success, we’ve been approached by retail partners to launch the title on retail shelves.

"Although we are evaluating our options, we have not picked a potential partner as of now. GamersFirst is also committed to the Free2Play model and any retail strategy will be guided by those principles."

ORIGINAL STORY: APB Reloaded, the free-to-play revival of Realtime Worlds' ill-fated online shooter, gets a full US retail release later this year.

According to Gamespot, the title will be published by IGS, hit stores in the "holiday season" and sell for $29.99.

Why, you may ask, would anyone want to pay cash for a boxed copy of a free-to-play online title? Well, apparently the retail version will include $45-worth of as yet unspecified additional content.

We've asked about a European release and will update in due course.

The game, now being developed by GamersFirst, is currently in open beta. Original creator and industry veteran Dave Jones recently announced he was back on board in an advisory role.