APB: Reloaded


Free-to-play APB Reloaded announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Will require Gold subscription, but not PSN.

Review | APB Reloaded Review

Arrested developments?

APB Reloaded has 3m registered users

Rebooted MMO off to a good start.

APB Reloaded to get full retail release?

UPDATE: Developer refutes report.

APB Reloaded open beta goes live

Sample resuscitated MMO now.

Video | APB Reloaded beta gameplay trailer

In-game footage from the closed beta.

APB Reloaded open beta delayed

Groups disconnecting after two hours.

David Jones joins APB: Reloaded team

GTA creator to advise on resuscitated MMO.

APB Reloaded open beta date

GamersFirst's revival revs up.

APB: Reloaded dev reveals sign-up targets

"Our break-even point is really very low."

New APB dev on Realtime's mistakes

Bureaucracy blamed for MMO's failure.

100,000+ sign up for APB beta

Numbers "far exceed" expectations.

APB Reloaded beta sign-up kicks off

Check out resuscitated MMO first.

New APB: customising will cost you

MMO's key feature to be monetised.

4/5 years until APB realises potential

New dev to "stay connected" to Dave Jones.

APB to relaunch next year as F2P

Failed MMO back from the dead.

K2 Networks buys APB

MMO cost only 1.5 million.

APB could be turned around in 9 months

But Codemasters Online isn't doing it.

APB patch notes reveal hope

"There appears to be a buyer."

No APB refunds, but EA offers free games

Administrators and Steam wash hands.

APB dev blames demise on "complacency"

$100m and Crackdown's success caused it.

Epic Games may buy APB - report

Rein "absolutely loves" the game.

APB has 130,000 registered players

Paying players average $28 per month.

Realtime staff sacked via PA address

New studio to rise from ashes - report.

Feature | Realtime Crisis

The collapse of Realtime Worlds will impact UK development for years to come.

APB will live on in Europe and US

Future updates and content promised.

EA on APB: Sometimes ideas are too big

Publisher saddened by Realtime's demise.

RTW demise blamed on "lacklustre" APB

But there's "positive interest" - administrator.

APB and Crackdown dev collapses

Realtime Worlds' games to be sold on.

Realtime "fully committed to APB"

Scottish developer confirms redundancies.

Realtime rumoured to want to sell APB

UPDATE: Community man responds.

"Copious" APB to-do list being addressed

RTW: We were preoccupied with launch.

APB dev Realtime Worlds restructures

Second project "downscaled".

RTW needs partner to do console APB

Would love to do it "if there's interest".

Realtime's Dave Jones defends APB

Full Eurogamer interview on Monday.

Feature | Defending APB

Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones hits back.

APB to run adverts over voice chat

Pay an extra fee to disable them.

Video | More customisation options in APB

Tweak your world to perfection.

Video | APB in all sorts of detail

From how the lobbies work to specific areas.

Video | A.P.B. E3 gameplay trailer

Cops and robbers goes next-gen.

APB Key to the City event delayed

Now begins on Saturday.

APB minimum specs revealed

2Ghz, 2GB, 20GB, 7800.

Console APB would be "a different game"

Realtime Worlds still wants to do it.

Video | Meet APB's community manager

He's all about the game. And the T-shirt.

APB European release on 2nd July

Access via subs or pay as you go.


Bulletin points.

Video | New APB trailer sets the scene

Everyone likes a gang bang.

Jones talks up APB's "three-year plan"

Flatly denies GTA Online rumour.

Feature | Realtime Worlds' David Jones

The APB mastermind, direct from GDC.

MOH in Q3, Crysis 2 and NFS in Q4

APB also down for Q3 in 2010 dates.

APB swings into closed beta

Testing starts three nights a week.

APB beta opens next week

Realtime Worlds boss confirms.

Feature | APB

Stop in the game of the law!

APB beta "weeks not months away"

Realtime's crime MMO ready to show colours.

APB beta registration opens

Sign up for online cops and robbers.

APB requires no monthly subscription

Console version being "evaluated".

Jones: APB "has to ship on a DVD"

Not comfortable ditching retail yet.

Dave Jones' Develop keynote

Realtime Worlds boss talks going online. Read our live coverage.

Realtime to reveal second MMO next year

It's "very ambitious", says APB dev.

Feature | APB

Liberty city.

E3: All Points Bulletin

Realtime Worlds' urban MMO.

E3: Report: APB still heading to 360

Despite no mention in EA release.

E3: EA to publish Realtime's APB

Crime-themed MMO finds a new home.

All Points Bulletin

First screenshot whets our appetites.

Realtime Worlds hints at APB for E3

Urban MMO ready to reveal?

Register your interest in APB

If you want to hear first about the beta.

APB is "bastard child" of GTA

Realtime says crime MMO is life's work.

APB isn't Realtime's only game

And it's "not that far away".

Realtime Worlds donates to APB site

Fans get USD 1000 for new server.

"Misconception" that MMOs must look naff

APB looks as good as any, says boss.

Realtime downplays GTA Online talk

As rumours swirl that Rockstar's buying APB.

Realtime Worlds goes it alone with APB

Buys back distribution rights from Webzen.

APB coming to PS3 too?

"We'll be looking seriously at it."

Realtime Worlds gets USD 50 million

Major funding for Crackdown, APB developer.

Jones shows off APB features

Puts Miyamoto in comedy pants.

APB concept trailer

Now on Eurofiles.