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APB Reloaded hits Xbox One - with a £115 "micro"-transaction

Least wanted.

APB Reloaded has launched on Xbox One as a free-to-download game supported with microtransactions. But there's nothing "micro" about one of these transactions in particular.

Highway robbery.

The open-world action MMO features an in-game currency called G1C, which is used to buy weapons, armour, clothing and vehicles on the APB Reloaded marketplace.

There are a few options for buying G1C on the Xbox Store: 400 costs £3.99, 3052 costs £27.99 and 9600 costs £64.99.

But if you fancy splashing your real-world cash on some in-game cash, you can grab 20,800 G1C for an eye-watering £114.99.

Publisher Koch Media said players can earn items in APB Reloaded for free, but have the option to buy additional in-game gear, clothing, items, vehicles and customisations so characters can "specialise in particular playstyles".

APB Reloaded is available to download for Xbox Live Gold Members on Xbox One.

It's set in a near-future urban cityscape where you pick one of two factions: Enforcer, to uphold the city's martial law, or Criminal. It's a PvP game that revolves around huge 50 v 50 player battles.

The PC version, which launched in December 2011, has seen more than 5.8 million players, publisher Koch Media said.

APB originally launched for PC in 2010 as APB: All Points Bulletin, a creation of Realtime Worlds. After that studio's fall into administration and subsequent demise, the game's rights were sold to Reloaded, which retooled and relaunched the title, now as a free-to-play experience.