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DDO Update 5 dated, brings airships

Also guild levelling and circus adventure.

Turbine has revealed details of Update 5 to its resurgent MMO, Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Released on 28th June, according to Massively, DDO Update 5 is called Rise of the Guilds. It will allow guilds to level up and earn Renown and Trophies as they grow in numbers and progress through the game's content.

Ultimately, you'll be able to buy a flying airship HQ for your guild and customise it with decorations and amenities.

Also launching with Update 5 is the Carnival of Shadow adventure pack, which brings four new dungeon adventures in a "circus of depravity and danger". Plus there will be two new classes of Hireling, and various new character class spells and features.

DDO has been going from strength to strength since its relaunch as a free-to-play game last year, with a recent survey ranking it as the third biggest MMO in the US. You can either subscribe to all content in the traditional manner, or buy features and content piecemeal from Turbine's store.

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