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PS3 is "on fire", says EA's Schappert

Likes it so much he should just marry it.

The artist formerly known as Microsoft's corporate vice president of Xbox Live has come out in support of the company's biggest rival.

John Schappert, who is now chief operating officer at Electronic Arts, appears to have put his loyalties behind him since he left MS a year ago.

"We're platform agnostic," he told IGN. "That being said, we partnered with Sony on the press conference; we were on their stage and got to announce some things.

"I wouldn't read too much into what we're showing the demos on, but I will tell you, in the marketplace, the PlayStation 3 is doing incredibly well."

In fact, Schappert said, since the Slim and the Kevin Butler ad campaign were introduced, PS3 is "on fire". He added, "We like them all, but PlayStation 3 is doing very strong right now."

So what is it about PS3 that sends Schappert from six to midnight? Why, just look at the extra storage space Blu-ray offers, he said. This means EA can offer special editions of games like Dead Space and Medal of Honor.

"We partner with Microsoft on a ton of products, but those are just two good opportunities we had with Sony that we wanted to highlight," said Schappert.

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