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Joe Danger gets Euro date and price

10 quid for 2D stunt bike racer.

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Hello Games has told Eurogamer that Joe Danger will be released on PlayStation Network in Europe next Wednesday, 9th June.

What's more, we've been told that it will cost £9.99 in the UK and $14.99 in the States, where it's due out a day earlier.

"It's all moving really quickly now," Hello Games' Sean Murray told us when we confirmed the details earlier.

Murray will also be appearing on next week's Podcast - 2pm BST on the game's US day of release - to shoot the breeze.

Joe Danger is a PS3-exclusive 2D stunt bike game where you zoom around bright, cheery levels performing tricks, gathering collectibles and racing against the clock - and sometimes other racers.

Check out our Joe Danger hands-on preview for more.

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