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BioWare excited by potential of Kinect

Could work with dialogue in Mass Effect.

BioWare co-founder Dr Greg Zeschuk has said he's excited about the potential of the new controller technologies hitting the market - saying he's already got ideas for how they might work with the studio's games.

Zeschuk was speaking in an interview with Eurogamer during E3. When asked whether the new tech gives him new ideas, he replied, "Absolutely. Not so much the motion controller options, but let's say something to do with digital acting."

For example, Zeschuk continued, "I play the shooter part of Mass Effect with a controller, then I have to do a dialogue with my hands."

However, the BioWare boss said he has concerns about how much new controllers such as Move and Kinect will cost. "With regard to all these things, I worry about price points... If the price is too high, they won't take off."

While Zeschuk said he is impressed by the Nintendo 3DS, describing the technology it incorporates as "very significant", he seemed less convinced by Sony's offering. "Are you suddenly going to spend all this money on glasses for everyone in the room, after you've bought an expensive new television?" he said.

As for the cost of Kinect, which has yet to be revealed: "The price you don't want is something that gives people pause, that makes them think, 'Oh, I can't spend that much money and feel good about myself,'" said Zeschuk.

For more from Zeschuk, read the full interview

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