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New Kingdom Hearts will be at E3

One of two new entries in series - Nomura.

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Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that a new Kingdom Hearts game will be shown at E3 next week.

It's one of two new titles in Square Enix and Disney's series of crossover RPGs, Nomura told US magazine Game Informer, as reported by Examiner (via VG247).

However, Nomura steered clear of confirming a full-blown Kingdom Hearts sequel, calling the games "two titles other than III". The game that will debut at E3 is the result of a desire to "do something for the North American fans".

Nomura is also hard at work directing Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and told Game Informer development was going smoothly and that Square Enix had "plans to showcase the title at a certain point".

He wouldn't say if that point would be E3, but has previously warned that it might not make it.

We'll know for sure when E3 hits LA next week. Might as well put that at the end of every news story today.

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