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Final Fantasy II comes to Virtual Console

New Ware stuff for DSi and Wii too.

Nintendo has re-released SNES title Final Fantasy II via the Wii Virtual Console.

The game sees you following dark knight Cecil as he embarks on a fateful journey riddled with trials, betrayals, friendship, loss and things to buy in shops.

"Originally released as Final Fantasy on SNES in North America, this game is in fact Final Fantasy IV from the main series chronology," Nintendo explains. The game costs 900 Wii Points (£6.30 in the old money).

A host of new DSiWare titles are out this week too. First up is A Topsy Turvy Life; The Turvys Strike Back from Tecmo Koei, priced at 200 Points (£1.80). You must draw lines on the touch screen to deploy fighters and make guards shoot. There's a two-players-on-one-handheld mode and all manner of giant bosses to contend with.

Coming in at the same price is Advanced Circuits, a puzzle game which involves laying down track pieces to connect squares. There are 60 game boards to tackle, 72 awards to be won and a Free Play mode for practising.

For 500 Points (£4.50) you could pick up Fieldrunners, the much-loved tower defence effort from Subatomic Studios. Tactics and strategy, land and air combatants, upgradeable towers, that sort of thing. Perhaps sir would prefer Puffins: Let's Roll!, in which you reunite missing puffin eggs with their mothers. Perhaps not. Anyway, there are 20 puzzling levels to complete, and the game is yours for 500 Points.

As is Tales in a Box: Hidden Shapes in Perspective!, a first-party title. "Via clever use of the DSi system’s inner camera, you can peer 'into' the screen, tilting your head to view a scene from different angles, creating an impression of real depth," explains Nintendo. Expect fairytale visuals and lots of quirky characters.

New for WiiWare is Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion. Four characters, four levels, four-player mode, four difficulty levels. "The game is suitable for any age thanks to adjustable game speed." 500 Wii Points (£3.50). And finally, NEVES Plus: Pantheon of Tangrams is also available via WiiWare for the same price. Move, rotate and flip stones to solve 500 puzzles. There are three multiplayer modes for up to four players.

All of the above are out today.

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