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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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EA Sports' Peter Moore

"I am woman."

For some, the name Peter Moore will always be synonymous with the Dreamcast. For others, he will be best remembered as the corporate vice president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Division, a.k.a. the Xboss. But for the past three years he's been at Electronic Arts, overseeing the company's sports business and developing an accent that sounds like what would happen if Keanu Reeves was spliced with Barry Grant.

So Moore no longer takes to the stage at E3 to show off temporary tattoos and appalling Rock Band skills. Instead he can sit down, relax and watch what his former rivals are up to. He's also got time to sit down and have a chat about it all with Eurogamer. Read on to find out what Moore made of the platform holder conferences, how he responds to accusations of milking the FIFA franchise and what he thought was the game of the show.

EurogamerHello, Peter. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Last time you and I met, it all went a bit weird.
Peter Moore

The last time you were trying to goad me into something... You were talking about [ice skater] Katarina Witt.

EurogamerThere was some stuff about underwear.
Peter Moore

Did you ask me if they were real?

EurogamerI didn't end up using it, so it's now known as The Unpublishable Peter Moore Interview.
Peter Moore

I'm sure it'll be in the archives.

EurogamerIt will be released to the general public 50 years after you and I are dead. Anyway, what brings you to E3 2010?
Peter Moore

First of all, I don't think I had a choice... No, we had a great press conference. From Need for Speed to Dead Space, then I was on stage with John Montana, who you may not know is a San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

EurogamerI don't even know what a 49ers is.
Peter Moore

They're a football team.

EurogamerIs he a striker or a goalkeeper?
Peter Moore

QUARTERBACK. Picks the ball up, throws it. He did game flow which is important for our US market, obviously. For our rather important Madden franchise. We showed Mixed Martial Arts, we did EA Sports Active 2, then we finished up with Madden.

Not football.

Obviously I'm interested in seeing what motion control is doing, and obviously Sony putting a lot of emphasis and importance on 3D. It's about making sure we're represented on all the new platforms with motion control, but at the same time being relatively selective, and making sure the experience we're delivering fits.

EurogamerSpeaking of EA Sports Active - what do you think of Ubisoft's new fitness effort, Your Shape?
Peter Moore

I didn't get to Microsoft's press conference as it always conflicts with the rehearsal time for ours. What did you think?

EurogamerI thought it looked quite good, and I should know, because I am a woman, and therefore the target market.
Peter Moore

Yes you are.