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Ubi reveals Rez-style Kinect game

Mizuguchi shows off Child of Eden.

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Ubisoft's E3 conference opened today with Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi showing off his brand new game.

It's titled Child of Eden and works with Xbox 360 Kinect - although it will also be released on PS3. Wearing white gloves, Mizuguchi used his left and right hands to direct a glowing blue reticle around the screen. He appeared to be shooting at swirling, glowing shapes, producing sounds with each hit. Pumping house music played in the background, reaching a crescendo towards the end of the demo.

In other words - yes, it looked and sounded a lot like Rez. In fact, the sound effects sounded exactly like those in Mizuguchi's much-loved previous effort.

At the end of the demo, the title Child of Eden and the slogan "Hope and Happiness" appeared on the screen. Mizuguchi explained to the audience that once again, he is producing a game based around the concept of synaesthesia.

"I adapted this principle to music, shapes and colours for my game," said Mizuguchi. "In association with MIcrosoft and Kinect, we are able to provide a sensory experience."

The game's due out in Q1 2011 according to the press release.

Child of Eden.

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