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Child of Eden PS3 to cost £19.99

Half the price of Xbox 360 version.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ravey motion-controlled shooter Child of Eden will sell for £19.99 when it launches on PlayStation 3 later this year – half the price of the recent Xbox 360 version.

Further to that, Amazon and Play have already knocked a further five quid off that price, offering it for £14.99.

The Tetsuya Mizuguchi-developed effort launched at full price on Xbox 360 earlier this month but has struggled at retail. It entered the UK charts at 25th in its debut week, and only sold 34,000 in the US in its first month.

The PlayStation 3 version arrives in stores on 23rd September. It's a steal at that price, as should be abundantly clear from our recent Child of Eden review.

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