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Premium PSN reveal for E3?

Rumoured to be £50 a year.

Sony is rumoured to be preparing a premium PSN reveal for E3 next month.

VG247 heard from a "highly-placed source" that this subscription will cost around £50 a year.

For their money, subscribers will get one free PSN game a month. These will be picked from a choice of two to four games, the report claimed.

Subscribers may also be given a streaming music service to that runs in the background while playing PS3 games.

Importantly, the source said the subscriber service will not intrude on the existing free PSN model. It's an optional upgrade, in other words, as Kaz Hirai hinted it would be in November last year.

Sony's E3 press conference takes place on 15th June.

Sony told Eurogamer it couldn't comment on the rumour.